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Tax Planning and Preparation Services Tax-Advantaged Financial Strategies for Your Personal Life and Business Ventures

Tax codes are complex and ever changing. The best step you can take toward preparedness is finding someone you can trust. Whether you’re in Georgia or South Carolina, our team of experienced tax professionals will keep you or your business in shape for tax season year round. Through annual planning sessions and detailed analysis, we’ll find the best financial strategies for minimizing your tax liability all while staying compliant.

Professional Tax Planning Services

For many, taxes are something you worry about once a year. For the financially savvy, strategic tax planning requires routine review. At SME CPAs, our tax professionals combine your individual or business needs with their in-depth knowledge for personalized, up-to-date financial strategies.

Two people sit at a table looking over a portfolio for sales and use tax

Experienced Tax Professionals

Through annual planning meetings and prompt correspondence, we’re there as your partner to minimize your tax liability and make the most of your situation. Our team of CPAs applies the latest legislation to your situation, including:

Current case law analysis

Internal Revenue interpretations

Pending tax code review

Years of professional judgment

Extensive Tax Planning Services

Access full assistance from our team of tax experts. Our tax planning services include:

Estimating taxes

For those who deal with estimated taxes, payments are due four times a year. That’s a lot of preparation and planning. We’ll keep your filings on time to avoid any fines. Don’t pay estimated taxes, but want to know what you’re in for come tax season? We’ll monitor your financial situation, so you always know what bills or refunds to expect.

Year-end planning

The holiday season is notoriously busy. While it’s a key time for financial planning, it’s hard to find an opportunity to ask the important questions. How is our tax liability? What goals should we shoot for next year? Let us take the year-end financial checklist off your plate. We’ll gather information, conduct analysis, and find time to go over your financial future. From your budget to your investments to your retirement, we’ll make sure you’re prepared for the year ahead.

Selling an investment property from start to finish

Not only do you want to profit from your investment property, you want to minimize any major tax hits that come with. Leave that to us. From the moment you decide to sell, we’ll filter through the complicated tax code to find the best strategy for protecting your earnings. With your entire financial situation in mind, we can target tax-advantaged opportunities like claiming deductions or offsetting capital gains with losses.

Compensation planning

As a local company specializing in specific business types, we provide compensation management strategies based on industry norms and comparable work environments. We’ll run the numbers to figure out fair, competitive pay and benefits for your employees, while ensuring financial security for your business. We can even help determine the best retirement plan option for your workplace.

Multi-state tax minimization

Are you reporting taxes in more than one state? At SME CPAs, we work with clients out of South Carolina and Georgia, but our expertise doesn’t end there. We’ll tailor your tax minimization strategy to fit the specific parameters of whichever state taxes you’re dealing with, however many there are. Trust in us to know each state’s specific tax codes and how your finances work best within all of them.

Entity selection

Starting a new business? Our team of financial advisors can break down the different entity types available to you, from a proprietorship to an LLC. Such an important decision shouldn’t be a shot in the dark. With years of experience coaching small businesses, we’ll help you navigate the pros and cons of each option to find which is right for you. Once you’ve decided, our tax planning professionals will kick into gear to make sure all your bases are covered.

Depreciation strategies and cost segregation

When it comes to tax planning and preparation, our main goal at SME CPAs is to lower your tax liability. For those with real estate and large-scale equipment investments, depreciation strategies and cost segregation can be key. Speeding up depreciation of investments is just another way to lower income tax payments, freeing up your cash flow. It’s all a part of our extensive tax minimization strategies, specific to your situation and assets.

Identifying tax incentives, abatements and credits

It’s our job to stay current with the latest tax incentives and tax-advantaged strategies. That means you never miss out on potential savings. When we sit down for an annual planning meeting, our team builds strategies based on tax incentives that may be available to you. And if legislation changes throughout the year, we’re on top of making sure your plan of action is up to date.


Tax Strategies Specific to Your Business

Whether you work in construction or healthcare, our tax professionals specialize in knowing your industry. That means tailoring your strategies and targeting tax incentives within your field.



Nonprofits and government

Real estate


Don’t see your industry?

Our tax planning professionals have decades of experience applicable to your circumstances.


Tax Preparation for Any Situation

At SME CPAs, tax season is our time to shine. Through comprehensive tax preparation services, our team ensures accurate and timely filing for all of our clients. 

When it comes to your federal and state income taxes, we’ll guide you through every step of the way: gathering documentation, completing forms, catching potential issues, even submitting. All the while, we’re keeping your overall financial objectives in mind to minimize present and future tax liability.

Year-Round Tax Preparation Services

Our team of experts goes beyond your basic tax return. We’ll ensure full tax preparation and compliance for your personal and business returns, as well as the following tax types and more.

Sales taxes

We will identify which states you owe sales tax in, as well as plan for and ensure that sales tax is routinely collected and paid on time. As a business, you may work out of multiple states with different procedures for collecting and filing sales tax. We can manage that process for you from start to finish.

Estate taxes

Estate planning is important for an estate of any size. You want to be sure your loved ones are taken care of, and that your assets are properly passed down without becoming a burden. Our tax preparation team can tackle your estate planning and tax strategies to preserve your assets and best serve the legacy you leave behind.

Inheritance and gift taxes

In addition to handling the full tax preparation, our team identifies when inheritance and gift taxes should factor into your financial strategy. Gift taxes are key to sharing your wealth with your loved ones and key to tax liability minimization. Rather than paying extra taxes on what you have, give certain amounts to loved ones you’re likely to pass along anyway.

Personal property taxes

Personal property refers to that which can be touched and moved, mainly anything other than land and permanent structures, both for individuals and businesses. As a key part of tax preparation, we’ll take care of gathering this information and filing all necessary forms. We’ll also factor those figures into your overall tax planning strategy, so you know what’s coming and can plan accordingly.

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Why Trust SME CPAs With Your Tax Planning and Preparation

We’re Experts 

SME CPAs has been offering expert tax advice for over 70 years, and we’re still learning every day. Our team works hard to stay current on local and federal tax codes, so our advice is always up to date. With a close eye on the newest tax mandates and incentives, we promise compliance, while saving you every penny we can. 

We’re Committed 

By building a relationship with your CPA, you ensure your needs are kept at the forefront of any financial strategy. At SME CPAs, we make it our job to know your personal goals and business goals, building the best tax-advantaged strategy around your specific situation. And with our commitment to personalized service, we’re always only a phone call away. 

We’re Local 

Best of all, as a company local to Georgia and South Carolina, we have specialized, first-hand knowledge of regional industry and state tax codes. Any tax strategies we recommend come from a place of personal experience and knowledge tailored to living in the area. When you work with SME CPAs, you’re working with a small set of individuals who call the Southeast home just like you. 

Whether you’re looking for a little help or a lot of help, for your personal finances or your business, SME CPAs is here for your tax planning and preparation needs. Contact us today to get started on a tax strategy tailored to you. 

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