Non-Profit Board Responsibilities

Serving on the board for a non-profit close to your heart is one of the best ways to get deeply involved and make a difference. However, there is a lot of responsibility that comes with being on the board. Legal, ethical, and moral obligations come into play when you are part of the decision-making process…
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Are Accountants Only for My Parents?

Why Do Younger Generations Need an Accountant? Many young people automatically defer the idea of needing a personal accountant because they assume that all they do is give a tax return. Accounting is about much more than taxes… it’s about planning for your future alongside someone who cares about your financials. Buying a house, budgeting,…
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Can AI Replace Accountants?

Artificial Intelligence has found its way into our lives in more ways than we think– into our homes with Amazon Alexa, our phones with Siri, and even into our jobs. Artificial Intelligence and other new technologies have been credited with taking millions of jobs around the globe. Customer service representatives have been traded for automated…
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Why do I need an Employee Benefit Plan?

Employee benefits are forms of compensation that are above a salary or wages and are paid by employers to their employees. Employee benefit plans are often one of the greatest expenses of a company’s operations. As a result, their worth can be falsely questioned and financial decision makers within businesses often seek to find a…
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How to Hire for Emotional Intelligence

Why worry about Emotional Intelligence? Although measurable intelligence such as GPA, certifications, and credits are essential within the workforce, there is a type of priceless intelligence that cannot be easily calculated: emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the ability to communicate feelings and to be aware of other’s emotions. A team of individuals with high educational…
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What should I do after filing a tax extension

Over 10 million taxpayers file for an extension every year based on reasons such as: needing more time to collect receipts, changing jobs, moving homes, or just not being able to complete their return in time. However, even though filing for an extension does buy more time to file taxes, it does not give more…
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