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WHAT TO EXPECT During the SME CPA Recruitment Process

At SME CPAs, our people are the firm’s greatest asset. We are committed to a strong candidate process that identifies those individuals who will become true advisors and trusted business partners for our clients. The following information includes helpful tips and insight into our recruitment process. Thank you for considering a career at SME CPAs!

The Application

Our career site lists our current openings. Browse our page and identify the position of interest. Once the position of interest is selected, press the “Apply for this Position” button and attach your most updated resume. All applications should be submitted online. If you don’t see the job you are looking for, or if we don’t currently have an opportunity in your area of interest, you can submit a resume for future consideration as well at the bottom of our page.

Application Review

The Firm Administrator will review all applications to select quality candidates to proceed with for next steps. If your skills are a match for our position, you will be notified to schedule the next step. We do our best to notify candidates within 1-2 weeks after they submit their application whether they were chosen for a recruiter phone interview or not.

Recruiter Phone Interview

After the Firm Administrator reviews all applications, they will schedule 15-30 minute phone interviews with top candidates to determine if they meet the minimum criteria for the position. If you are selected for a phone interview, please note that the Firm Administrator be wanting to learn more about your specific background, and to learn about what you are seeking in your next opportunity. Please come prepared with questions so you can ensure this position is the right fit for you as well!

The Firm Administrator presents qualified candidates resumes to the firm partners with notes from the phone interview and recommend an onsite interview.

On-site/Virtual Interviews

About 3-7 days after the recruiter phone interview, the Firm Administrator will contact you to share the next steps in the interview process. You will also be notified if you are no longer being considered for the role. This will generally include 1-3 interviews in total. Interviews will be scheduled and typically last about an hour each. Most interviews include a Zoom Interview and/or on-site interview experience based on the department. SME CPAs utilizes interview panels to include several individuals from the firm in our process, and to give our candidates the experience of meeting various personalities at the firm. We know that while we are interviewing you for our role – you are also feeling out our firm and our culture!

Our interviewers come to the interview prepared with behavior-based interview questions and excited to meet and learn more about our candidates Our interviews are collaborative, conversational, and welcoming. This should be a positive, enjoyable experience for all!

Once the interviews are scheduled, the Firm Administrator will send you a confirmation e-mail including: our address, where to go/who to ask for when you arrive, reminder of the date/time of the interview and the names of the Interview panel. If the interview is virtual, the Firm Administrator will send Zoom details as well.

Interview tips:

  1. Come prepared with questions to ask our interview panel –Having questions prepared shows us you are interested in our company and our role.
  2. Show up 5-10 minutes early– Showing up on time shows us that you are going to take this role seriously.
  3. Develop rapport with our interview panel – At SME CPA, we look for employees who are going to be a good culture fit. Try to take some time to get to know the employees on your interview panel to start building rapport.
  4. Be positive and enthusiastic – At SME CPAs we have a collaborative and outgoing firm. During your interview, show that you are going to bring a positive personality to our team!
  5. Tell the truth – You want to make sure you are being completely honest during your interview. It is important to ensure that you are truly the right person to fill the role.
  6. Dress professionally – We offer a smart-dress at our firm. However, during an interview, it is important to put your best foot forward.
  7. Review common interview questions and practice answering them – It is always best to practice before showing up to your interview. This will help you feel more confident and prepared.
  8. Look over your resume– Be prepared to support past accomplishments with specific information targeted toward the position.


About 1-5 days after each interview, the interview panels review the candidates to discuss who is the most qualified for our position and the best fit for our firm. The Firm Administrator for the role takes all opinions into consideration. We truly value the opinion of our team members and know that having buy in from our team will set up our new hire for success!

Once a candidate is selected, the Firm Administrator will meet with the Department Leader to prepare a customized offer.


The Firm Administrator will contact the selected candidate to present our offer and share many great benefits and perks of working for SME CPAs. A formal offer letter will follow.

After the Firm Administrator receives the signed offer letter, the background check process will begin. The Firm Administrator  will email the candidate with instructions as well as information about completing an off-site drug screen.


After the Firm Administrator receives the signed offer letter, the onboarding process begins! This includes: a background check, drug screen, and in-depth planning from HR and our department leader to build a customized training plan/orientation for each new hire. Each new hire is paired with a Buddy (a go-to person to help them acclimate to the firm), and their training is carefully and thoroughly planned to help set them up for success.

Congratulations and Welcome to SME CPAs!

SME CPAs Offered Benefits

  • Flex Time
  • Holidays
  • Medical, Dental, Vision, FSA, STD, LTD, Life Insurance
  • Dress for Your Day Dress Code
  • CPA Exam reimbursement
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Continuing Education
  • Bonus for New Employee Referrals
  • Commission/Incentive Plan
  • 401(k)
  • Firm Special Events
  • Giving Back Committee

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