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Small Business Resources in Georgia

The state of Georgia defines a small business as one that is independently owned and operated with less than 300 employees or a revenue of less than $30 million. The vast majority of companies in Georgia, up to 99%, fall under this category and are extremely vital to the state’s economy. The state offers several resources to help small businesses launch, advance, and accomplish while recognizing their importance. With this being SME CPA’s home state, we want to keep our clients informed of the help that is available to entrepreneurs in Georgia. If your entity is located outside of Georgia, we encourage business owners to research what assistance your state offers you.

  1. Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD): This department offers extensive suggestions and assistance for enhancing business operations. On their website,, resources for business licenses, suppliers, contractors, loans, certifications, and many other priceless connections are extended to anyone that is interested. Their site also answers many concerning questions that novice entrepreneurs may have regarding these subjects. Did you know that your business may be eligible for a certification as a women-owned or minority-owned business? These are just the beginning of the availabilities through GDEcD.
  2. Georgia Centers of Innovation (COI): COI is divided into five Centers that assist the industries of Aerospace, Energy Technology, IT, Logistics, and Manufacturing. These Centers are well equipped to help businesses in these industries and offer a more personal approach to navigating the business environment alongside the entrepreneur. The Centers can also help with finding eligible research grants and walk through the legalities of working with universities for a project. For more information, visit
  3. Georgia Mentor Protégé Connection (MPC): MPC is a program focused on business development that offers a one year partnership between a corporate mentor and the aspiring entrepreneur. This connection utilizes the mature wisdom of an experienced executive that is committed to seeing small businesses grow. The corporate mentors come from companies that have a headquarters in Georgia and eligible small businesses must be nominated for the program by past mentors. For more information, visit
  4. Georgia Chamber of Commerce: As the state’s largest business advocacy group, with 73% of its members being small businesses, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce offers incredible assistance to those that are in need. The Chamber provides many tools to its members including the Small Business Advisory Council that provides a Webinar Series and other benefit programs. In addition to the state’s Georgia Chamber, local Chambers serving almost every city and county in Georgia are also committed to serving small businesses in their area. For more information, visit

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