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How to scan .pdfs from your iPhone or Android

Let’s face it, tax season requires clients and accountants to share large amounts of data – mostly in the form of paper documents. With COVID happening, we are having to adjust the way we share those documents.   Dropping off an envelope full of tax documents to your accountant is becoming more of a rarity than the norm.  Many of our clients like to send us electronic documents.  Not only does that help with social distancing, but it can be much easier and more convenient than locating, copying and delivering paper files. With that said, many times we receive documents as pictures or images (.JPEG files).  Many times, these are blurry and hard to read, and there is no easy way to convert them into a usable format. Ideally, we need documents in PDF format. To help make life easier on our clients and our accountants we wanted to share instructions on how to “scan” documents using your Apple and Android cell phones and other devices, instead of just snapping a picture and sending the image.  Below are the instructions:

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