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Portal Access

Portal Access Here

Since e-mail is not a secure form of communication for confidential information, we have established a portal for our clients' use.

This is how it works:

  1. We set you up as an SME portal user.
  2. We provide you with instructions on how to access the portal.  See below:
    1. Go to our website (
    2. Click on the button labeled Portal Access
    3. Use the information below to login:



Login:__________ (this will be your e-mail address)
Password:_______ (this will be a computer-generated code)

The password is case sensitive, so please type it exactly as you see it here.

Public Folder:

  • Public

Standard User Private Folders:

  • This folder will be labeled with your name.

Once you log in, you can change the password by going to User Setting.

You will see the virtual folders, including a Public folder and your named folder. Click on your named folder to see your private files. You can click on a file and save it off to your computer or just print it. You can also send documents to us by uploading them to the portal.

When you finish, just log out.

You can upload information you need to get to us onto the portal and we will be notified that it is there. Likewise, if we need to give you any information in electronic format, we can supply it to you via the portal. We hope that you will appreciate the ease of use of the portal as well as our interest in providing the most secure way to share your confidential information. If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to call Sharon Bragg (706-722-5337).

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