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The SME CPAs Augusta Team

Serotta, Maddocks, and Evans CPAs is not only one of the oldest and largest accounting firms in the greater Augusta region but also carries the distinction of having been the first professional CPA firm in Georgia. Today we continue the established tradition of offering solution-focused accounting services from our offices in Augusta, Georgia and Aiken, South Carolina.


  • Abram new  | SME CPAs

    Abram Serotta

  • Rick-Evans | SME CPAs

    Rick Evans

  • Michelle-Bennett | SME CPAs

    Michelle Bennett

  • Andrea-Usry | SME CPAs

    Andrea Usry

  • Jay-Sanders | SME CPAs

    Jay Sanders

  • Paul-Wade | SME CPAs

    Paul Wade


  • New Laura  | SME CPAs

    Laura Sprowls

  • Rebecca Dearden Headshot  | SME CPAs

    Rebecca Dearden

  • Sammy-Turner | SME CPAs

    Sammy Turner

  • Sharon-Bragg | SME CPAs

    Sharon Bragg

  • Sonia new | SME CPAs

    Sonia Gowen

  • Teresa-Thirkell | SME CPAs

    Teresa Thirkell

  • Tommy-Vigneri | SME CPAs

    Tommy Vigneri

  • New Rita Ray  | SME CPAs

    Rita Ray


  • Ben-Braxton | SME CPAs

    Ben Braxton

  • Cindye-Dempsey | SME CPAs

    Cindye Dempsey

  • David Ussery  | SME CPAs

    David Ussery

  • John-Snider | SME CPAs

    John Snider

  • Kelly-McCauley | SME CPAs

    Kelly McCauley

  • Sharon Blitch | SME CPAs

    Sharon Blitch

  • Regina Alexander  | SME CPAs

    Regina Alexander


  • Ansley Evans | SME CPAs

    Ansley Crawford

  • Deanna Guzman  | SME CPAs

    Deanna Guzman

  • donna 1 | SME CPAs

    Donna Brunstad

  • Jason-Owen | SME CPAs

    Jason Owen

  • Jordan Gray  | SME CPAs

    Jordan Gray

  • Lori-Holley | SME CPAs

    Lori Holley

  • Will Evans 1  | SME CPAs

    Will Evans

  • Sara Gerlinger | SME CPAs

    Sara Gerlinger

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