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David Ussery, CPA

David-Ussery | SME CPAs

After growing up in Hazelhurst, GA, David Ussery attended the University of Georgia and earned his Bachelors of Business Administration in Accounting in 2010.  David continued his education earning a Masters of Accounting in 2011 from Georgia Southern University.  After college, David worked for Carr, Riggs & Ingram in Tifton, GA earning his CPA designation in 2012.

David joined SME CPAs in 2015 and his work focuses on agribusiness, closely held partnerships and corporations, tax research and tax planning for businesses and individuals.  What does he like most about being a public accountant?  He enjoys the challenging atmosphere – he finds one answer does not fit all clients.

Family:  Bailie, wife and beloved dog, Sister    

Fun:  Cooking, playing piano, duck hunting, spending time with family and friends and Saturdays in Athens, GA

Favorite Quote:  “When I was able to get down the road a ways and look back, I realized success is 90% perserverance.  They key is to stay in the game.”  Trevor Rees-Jones

David sees how entitlement affects his generation.  He reminds himself to be content, remain in the present and work hard.  He realizes he has to “stay in the game” for the long haul to earn the things his parents worked years to acquire.

Phone: 706.722.5337 Ext-321

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